Yoast SEO: How To Check Website SEO With Yoast Ryte


In this article, you will discover simplified details of what is Yoast SEO, how to use Yoast SEO plugin and how to check your website/blog SEO status using Yoast Ryte free SEO tools.

Let us get started below.

Considering the fact that at NaijaTechViral, we focus our articles to non-tech savvy populations in Nigeria.

We will be taking this guide step by step and introduce or use screenshots and pictures for illustrative purposes where necessary.


What is SEO?

It means Search Engine Optimization.

Simply put it involves positioning your website/Blog to be indexed and easy rank high on search engines SERP like Google and others.


What is Yoast SEO?

We can not talk deeply on Yoast SEO without first taking a dive into the tool used known as Yoast SEO Plugin

So can we have that first? Cool!


What Is Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast plugin is a WordPress (WP) plugin which has been professionally developed by the Yoast team to aid SEO.

It is a tool you can not joke with to help boost your SEO legitimately.


Why Yoast Plugin?

You need Yoast SEO Plugin because it helps to do some of the following:


1. Create Sitemap With Yoast

Every webmaster understands that to optimize your SEO you need to create the search engines bots readable format of your website/blog.

The readable format for bots is in XML and know as Sitemap.

Making it easier for Search engine bots like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others to easily crawl your website and understand its structures better.


2. How To Make Website/Blog Articles More Readable With Yoast Plugin

Part of your SEO effort should be focused on helping your readers easily understand your article.

The Yoast plugin helps to rate the readability of your article through Readability Score.


Getting a score like Ok, Good and Green Colour signifies your article is well optimized for easy reading.


For you to understand how this is achieved, check the screenshot of this article just when we are still written it below:




The above screenshot shows that the article is not yet ready and if published that way. It would be less easy to read and understand by our readers.

We will try to add another screenshot later below when we finally hit the green light for readability.


Same for SEO score.

The article Yoast SEO Plugin score for the article as seen in the above screenshot says Need Improvement.

Meaning there a lot to be optimized to turn green as well.


3. How To Optimize Your Article For SEO With YoastPlugin

As discussed above, the SEO score also helps to hint you on the possibility of your article getting indexed by Google and other search engines.

If all the suggestions of the plugin are followed accurately. you have better chances of SERP (Search Engine Optimization Page) of Google and co.

Yeah, at this level we already have written over 400 words article which is a bit above the minimum SEO recommended article length of 300 words.

Its time to recheck how far and well we are doing from the Yoast score on this article you are reading now.



Interesting, this article SEO score has moved

from Need Improvement

to Good

hitting the green colour which is our target for the SEO score.




Also, it shows specific things done and those yet to be done which contribute to the total score as seen below.




Some of the contributing optimizations were keyphrase in the meta description, meta description length, previously used keyphrase, keyphrase subheading, image alt attributes,

text length, keyphrase in the title, SEO title width

and keyphrase in the slug (that is the URL of this article, check and you observe it short but yet contain the target keyword.

Aside from the above,

It will also let you know what you are doing wrong and need adjustment for a better score.



How To Check Your Website SEO With Yoast Ryte

Now let us move to use another SEO tool from Yoast to check website SEO status and other technical issues could be detected too.


Step 1:

Visit Yoast Ryte official website here




Locate the search box and put your domain name as seen below

Step 2:

Click the Search button to run the SEO analysis tool.


That will be all for now. Hope this helps and send a comment to ask questions related to this discussion topic.


Image Credit: Scrabble words by Pexels

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