Should Technology Replace Teachers in Nigeria

Should Technology Replace Teachers in Nigeria-Naijatechviral

It indeed an interesting question to solve with this post today is about Should Technology Replace Teachers in Nigeria. Are you seriously considering such? hmmmmm not should that can workout 100% here in Nigeria and if it can, why it should not.

Not sure there is anywhere yet in the world where teachers are 100% replaced by tech but let still uncover some advantages and disadvantages of such to Nigeria.

Should Technology Replace Teachers in Nigeria

5 Reason Tech should never replace teachers in Naija

1) Infrastructural deficit

Yeah, Nigeria is still far behind when it comes to technology and education. So why on earth should replacing teachers with tech be a sudden decision? No, it can’t just work till all appropriate tech infrastructures are properly in place.

In the midst of constantly interrupted power supply or even no supply at all. How do tech function in the classroom? It just does not add up for our beloved Nigeria to go that lane.

Yes, we aren’t prepared for such at all at least for now.

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2) It could complement not replace teachers outrightly

Yeah, that is just it. Tech could complement and even enhance our teachers to deliver better.

But, to consider replacing them is not a matter of consideration.


3) Tech without Teacher is like building a city of robots

There still remains the place of human interactions with the student to help some identify their challenges. Some are to help discover their hidden talents and skills. If all those are replaced with machines.

Then, we are building people with less or no human emotional background which will ultimately have a negative effect on their future. Most importantly the negative impact on our society and nation, Nigeria.

Even the tech needs the help of teachers to be implemented. Thus, it isn’t worth considering replacing our teachers outrightly with technology.


4) It could be in some areas

We also do accept the fact that in some areas it would be of help relacing physical teachers with tech-based tutors but as mentioned earlier that is in some selective areas not outrightly.


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