Should Technology Be Used In The Classroom in Nigeria

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A lot of misconceptions about the effect of technology and education leading some of our less tech-savvy readers asking about Should Technology Be Used In The Classroom in Nigeria. In this post, as usual, we will do justice to this question of concern.

The world around our nation, Nigeria is moving at a faster paste we can’t just but pursue. Or it can make us be left behind obsolete and become less or irrelevant to our world.

How can we help but join the move but with caution when it comes to education.

Let us dive deep asap.


Should Technology Be Used In The Classroom in Nigeria

Yes, Technology should be used in classrooms.

We have some key points to back the Yes up below.


3 Reasons Tech Should Be integrated To Nigeria Classroom

1) Be a pal with world-class classrooms

We have witness firsthand the implementation of tech in the classroom by countries like the United States of America (USA), China, Japan, Isreal and other nations.

The positive result on their classroom products can not be ignored across the Globe. Thus, why can’t we copy from them and enhance our classrooms with tech.


2) It makes Classroom experience lively

Remembering those days in class when we were though Geography, history and lot other things but too abstract to understand or stick to our brain.

But, imagine a tech classroom where all those things are not just though abstractly and in books but also enhanced with live screen display and a lot more. That will be interesting and make most love classroom than ever.


3) Classroom tech will impact positive IQ development

Yeah, no doubt when the student at all levels of academic pursuits looks forward to the next classroom experience.

It will directly and help groom students of higher IQ than present ones.


4) Tech in classroom births more innovative and creative students

You will agree, that if the number one to three above in place. Such students will end up becoming more creative and innovative in their approach to classroom exercises and life as a whole.

Without mixing words. Tech is essential in Nigeria classrooms.


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