Is Technical Drawing Compulsory for Engineering

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As this blog is to enlighten and educate, we have another question we like to answer “Is Technical Drawing Compulsory for Engineering” in today’s post. Seatback, relax and let us have a view.


Is Technical Drawing Compulsory for Engineering

Does it really matter?

The Answer is outrightly capital YES.

And we will not just give you a point-blank YES answer. But with some more in-depth information why you may need to keep a tab on learning technical drawing if you aim to go deep into Engineering field or career and reading this blog now.

5 Reasons Why TD Compulsory for Engineering

1) Grow flare for technical detailing

If you are going the Engineering way as a career it is very important and of utmost necessity to keep to details. No matter how small or seemly insignificant.

You can imagine a professional engineer with the responsibility to oversee a bridge construction. Every bolts and nut must be paid close attention too sincerely. If not, there could be disasters later and putting the engineer at risk.

You just don’t want to put your career on the line but most important risk life of others using it.

Tech Drawing helps to instil that detailing attitude in you if taking seriously.


2) Patient as an Engineer

We are in a world that teaches and tell you not to wait but should and must have all things done instantly. Though some things work faster this age most still require patient. And you need just that trait to succeed as an engineer.

Due to the technicality involved in TD, you will learn to patiently handle projects in your career.


3) Mastering laying solid structures

As an engineer, you produce and oversee the production of the different aspect of mankind societal development. Like building, rail, road, electricity and more.

TD helps instil the culture of putting lines together (that is putting resources together). To achieve just a single goal well at the end.


4) Drawing is part of your career requirements

Yeah, as an engineer, most of your projects will first be done and completed on paper. Before you attempt to bring it into reality.

If you don’t have the skill to handle TD on paper or computer it would affect your productivity.


5) It aids teamwork all through your career

As an engineer, you will likely work with a team for the rest of your life. Most times, others would have project drawing you need to be able to read, interpret and integrate you own part of the project with.

If you lack the skill to interpret their drawings. How do you blend in to make successful teamwork?


We believe we have been able to give you eye-opener and worth giving TD a focus as an Engineer.


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  2. Timothy deyos

    I agree with your views but my thought is that TD should not be compulsory so all aspect and engineering courses.

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