How Technology has Improved Communication In Nigeria

How Technology has Improved Communication In Nigeria-naijatechviral

It is another exciting and educative tech topic to discuss today “How Technology has Improved Communication In Nigeria”. Let us dive together to discover the numerous impact and transformations, technology has brought to Nigeria.

In ancient Nigeria, our grand pals and grandmas had developed different means of communications. But, has civilization takes over we gradually transcend to new communication mediums.

We are looking at few ways the Millenials are feeling the vibes (lol) in Nigeria.


How Technology has Improved Communication In Nigeria

1) Technology breaks distance barriers has Improved Communication In Nigeria

Remembering those days when one has to rely on the post office to help deliver your information to the person at the other end.

Fast forward to today, it is undeniable how communication distance has been cut short. And in a twinkle of an eye, you are talking to someone miles apart without stress.

Technology now makes it possible to keep the connection with family, friends, grandpas and grandmas in the village. All without moving an inch from our comfort zones.


2) Technology facilitates Business Transactions

The small and medium enterprises in Nigeria as of today can not run smoothly without the help of technologically based means of communication.

Customers can easily locate businesses far from them. Place an order via the internet and monitor delivery via their mobile phone. All these communication media are facilitated by technology.

Indeed, most SME in Nigeria can not survive their current business model if technology-based communication is removed. Outrightly out of their communication system of day to day business activities.


3) Technology and the Media

Yeah, we can not remove the media. Those are the people putting pieces of data together, process them to meaningful information to keep us all up to date.

They also outrightly now rely on technological-based communication gadgets and platforms to pass their message. And keep Nigerians informed including those in the most remote area.


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