How Can Technology Change Education In Nigeria

can technology change education

In this article, we will be looking at about 5 ways how can technology change education in Nigeria, Africa and the entire world as a whole.

We living in the twenty-first century where everything almost lives and survives day by day on one technology or the other and it is becoming almost impossible.

It is also becoming impossible for human beings to rise up daily and go to bed at night without encountering or using technology at different levels.


5 Ways Technology Can Change Education in Nigeria

Below are the five ways we think technology could impact Nigeria system of education

1) World-Class Approach

Countries of the world now depend on each other to survive. And hardly will you come across any which is 100% standalone nation. Thus, the world educational system is experiencing a huge revolution with the aid of technology. So, why should Nigeria be left behind?

Integrating technology to Nigeria education will help the nation to produce elites. That can easily get hired across the Globe with less technological deficiency with their mates in other countries.


2) To Enhance Nigerian Youths

In every evolution and generation, the youths can not be put aside. As they determine a lot about the present and most importantly the future of the country.

With the above in mind, integrating technology into Nigeria’s educational system will indeed help empower our youths. Prepare them for the future and make them stand at pal with their counterparts worldwide.


3) To Upgrades The Nations Status Worldwide

One of the measures used to ascertain how healthy a nation is, is the education sector.

If Nigeria could have a full adaptation of technology to her educational system. Then, it will earn even the nation as a whole a more positive image in the world.


4) Encourages More Enrollment To Higher Institutions

If Nigeria can fully integrate technology into its educational system. It will boost the rate of people willing to be in school due to the fact that they can enrol for distant learning programmes.


5) Can Technology Change Education In Nigeria (More Jobs)

Technology naturally encourages innovative and competitive inventions.

Nigeria needs such to make it is economy more competitive and have more tech giants within its own country and not just from the other nations.

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