Do Technological Innovations Affect Unemployment in Nigeria

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In this article we want to look clear about Do Technological Innovations Affect Unemployment In Nigeria. The article will also look at it from the point of Yes and No. So, let us dive in deeper below.

Everything in life usually has both positive and negative effects. And, technology versus unemployment in Nigeria not excepted from it.


Do Technological Innovations Affect Unemployment

1) Technological Infrastructure effect

Every technologically advance nation first address infrastructure. Without which it becomes more difficult to avoid a negative effect on the employment rate.

Considering the current infrastructural state of Nigeria. We can believe that a swift advance in technology will create more unemployment than employment.

The Solution

We should focus first on getting our infrastructure right. So that technological and innovations will not negatively affect our unemployment rate.


2) Less Technologically Inclined People

Nigeria still has more people leaving in rural settlements. If our nation does press much for technology innovations without a proper check on these populations. It will impact the nation negatively than positively.

A lot is still not able to access electricity, internet connectivity and a lot more. Not considering such digital gap will eventually backfire now or in future.

The Solution to be applied

Before we move too fast ahead, let slow down and carry the aforementioned class of people along.

It may be slow but when we arrive, we will be stronger.


3) Sensitisation of Masses to Technological Innovations Affect Unemployment

If the masses are not sensitised well to help them begin to acquire more tech-driven skills. More people will be left behind and negatively impact the unemployment rate in Nigeria.

Tech moves do require special skill sets. To have such, the focus on less tech-driven skills needs to be gradually reduced.

The Solution

More public sensitisation programmes should be organized in and out of schools. Religious organizations and homes across the nation.


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